Welcome! I'm Cynthia Brando, a singer-songwriter in Los Angeles and the creator of Music Emerging!

In late October of 2013, I embarked on an ultimate adventure by moving to Los Angeles from a small town in my late 30's to pursue a career in music. Although I had primarily been a singer-songwriter and was interested in doing more performing; I knew I wanted to be open to other avenues of expression and career choices in the music industry. I have always been a writer. Writing is the way I process my emotions, my dreams and my plans. I decided that I wanted to start a music magazine where I could showcase my personal essay writing. I also thought, as a stranger in a strange land like Los Angeles, that it would be a great way to put myself out there and start meeting people in the same field through the interviewing process. I developed Music Emerging in the summer of 2015 and launched the first issue. I found that I loved to visit new places and talk to people about their music journeys. I ended up putting out three issues, and then got completely burned out as I was navigating difficult circumstances in my life; figuring out how to survive in Los Angeles as an indie artist. It simply was too much work for myself, so then I started to reformulate my idea of Music Emerging. I had always included a personal essay in each magazine issue that was more emotional in scope about my experiences pursuing music. I have also been a guest blogger on other music sites and received great feedback and interaction about my emotional posts. I felt there was a need out there for people in the music industry, to have a place they can go to for emotional resources. I started to discuss issues with others such as depression, fear and insecurities and felt that I could be of service by providing more essays on emotional issues as well as links, workshops and products that serve as emotional support aids to those working in the music industry. Welcome to the relaunch of Music Emerging. Let's expand!