Inspiring Walks for Women:

A unique coaching experience for women in the music industry in Los Angeles. Explore the peace and serenity of beautiful Mt. Washington in Los Angeles. Walk, reflect, write and share in a supportive environment.

For many years I have used the simple practice of walking as a self-care and creative tool. In Los Angeles, life in general moves really fast, passing us by. Life as a music industry professional adds another layer of intensity as we try and cope with our emotions in the chaos. I invite you to explore a relaxing meditative walk, reflection and writing prompt in a supportive environment for women in the hills of Mt. Washington in Los Angeles.

 We will start off at the back entrance of Moon Canyon next to Heidelberg Park-at 4100 N. Sea View Drive and take a 45 min. silent easy going walk, focusing on our breath, opening up to our surroundings and experiencing with all of our senses. We will stop at the historic Mt. Washington Self Realization Center for a 20-minute independent meditation. The final step is a 20-minute prompted writing exploration. We will take the short 15-minute walk back and share our writing and reflections together.

Introductory rates-entire session-$25 with optional “bring a friend” discount!

Optional coaching after session at $25 per hour.

For more info and to sign up:


Coaching for Transformation and Support: Open to All!

Do you feel overwhelmed on your journey through life while navigating the music industry? Do you yearn for a deeper connection in your career and personal life? Do you feel like you have lost that spark? Do you need a sounding board to help launch your dreams and goals? For many years I put my dreams on hold and didn't pursue a career in music out of my fears and insecurities. When I finally made those first steps, it was very liberating, but also very challenging. When I moved to Los Angeles at the end of 2013 from a small town, I had $450, a temporary place to stay and no job, but a big dream. Besides focusing on my dreams, I had to think about how to survive and my path took many twists and turns filled with achievements, defeats, heartaches and ultimately-transformation; which led me to develop Music Emerging and offering my services as a coach.

 Before I moved to Los Angeles, I was a coach for people with special challenges for three years where I discovered that I was an “idea” person and really enjoyed helping others. As they struggled with things that we all struggle with-looking for employment, housing, meeting educational goals, etc; I realized I enjoyed the process of gathering resources, motivating and thinking outside the box!


 Now that I have been immersed in the music world for the last five years, my passion has expanded in focus to supporting those on the music path. I have a passion for all aspects of the music industry and have learned so many new skills that have helped me along in my own journey, from being my own booker and booking a successful tour to learning about technology and running my own music business. Recently my focus has shifted to understanding the emotional path a musical entrepreneur takes and focusing on the arena of the healing arts in relation to flourishing on that path. I will use my experience and wisdom and be an active listener as you share your story, and my skills of research and action plans will help to guide you on your way! Whether you need more concrete guiding or just someone to listen, I would love to speak with you about where you are at and where you want to go.—-Cynthia

Special Introductory Rates: $25 an hour

Email me at: cynthiacbrando@gmail.com for a 15 min. skype meet and greet.

Today's interview is with Los Angeles singer songwriter & coach, Cynthia Brando. Cynthia shares her journey with depression and stage fright and how it's an ongoing practice to overcome them, as well as her platform Music Emerging and new coaching program for women in music.

Coaching Program: www.musicemerging.com/coaching
Music Emerging: www.musicemerging.com
Personal Website: www.cynthiabrando.com

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