The Fool: Tom Kell and Emiko Woods

                      The Fool:                           Lyrics by Tom Kell and Emiko Woods


I would dance if I knew what was playing

I would sing if I just learned the tune

I would laugh if I knew what you were saying

I would howl if you sang neath’ the moon

I would cry if my heart was on fire

I would sell all my tears for the truth

I would work til’ my heart aches-retire

Then I’d spend all my time missing you


Every night it’s just me without you

I’m alright-I’m just trying to get through

Every day the loss

Every night the cost

Will I always be the fool


I would speak if I could only make you listen

There are verses I write every day

I would tell you if I only had the power

To make every regret go away


But these songs come like honest distractions

Like the wind in through the trees when it blows

There are secrets that hide in the branches

But the ones that you keep never show


I’d run if I could

But no road leads away

The getting is good

But here I’ll stay


I’d pray if I thought it make a difference

I’ll lay down my pride every day

I would fight for the kiss of forgiveness

If I thought it would make you stay


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