Female Frequency-Female Generated

Female Frequeny is making music with their all female company. Based in New York City and Los Angeles, "Female Frequency is a community dedicated to empowering female, transgender & non-binary artists through the creation of music that is entirely female generated." 

M.E.  "Did you find that your male musical colleagues were supportive of you starting an all female organization? What were some comments you might have received from men?"

Female Frequency event in Los Angeles. 

Female Frequency event in Los Angeles. 

F.F.  "Yes! We have had a lot of support from our male colleagues. So far, we have had nothing but positive reactions and feel fortunate to be surrounded by men in the music industry who realize the importance of what we are doing." 

M.E.  "What was the process like recording an entire album start to finish with all females? You have all probably recorded with men engineers, etc-how was the experience different? Why do you think there is not more women in the engineering field? Or are they just hidden?" 


F.F.  "Overall, the process has been extremely supportive and encouraging. We tend to let our guard down a little bit more when it's all women in the room, and I think we felt instantly comfortable with each other. There are always challenges that come up when creating, but being that women tend to be naturally nurturing, it creates an environment that is really supportive. Most of us have only worked with male engineers, so this is truly our first time working with all women. Ultimately, the experience is different due to an immediate level of comfortability and knowing that we are doing something really special. Simply put, there are not more women in the engineering field because that's just how our society has been conditioned. Traditionally, it's been women as the singers and men as the producers/engineers. Not unlike the tech world, that's just how it's been ingrained in us. There are some very talented ladies paving the way, but a lot of women just never thought to go that route. We are excited to be part of the movement that's changing that."

M.E.  "What are some differences you see in the music scene and the folks in L.A. compared to New York?" 

F.F.  "L.A. is way more spread out, so there's a sense that you've got work a little harder to find your niche, but overall both coasts have a lot to offer and are filled with talented people."

M.E.  "What are the future goals of the organization?" 

F.F.  "Our goal is to continue to build the Female Frequency community and expand to other cities. We want to foster all-female collaborations across the globe and empower more women and girls to learn about music technology and production so they can create their own music from the ground up. We are grateful and we are growing!"

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