April Duran-Rag House Media

     April Duran is kicking ass as a self motivated entrepreneur. She “created Rag House Media after working in the music industry and noticing the lack of support for women not only in music, but in many industries.” I got a little taste of what she does running her Rag House business which includes “RagMag” magazine, and a live radio program promoting females in the arts and sports industries. I talked with her briefly behind the dials at Kaotic Radio in Rancho Cucamonga, the home of her Rag House Radio show.

     I launched Rag House Records for it to be an all female genre record label in 2014, and because of my budget, it wasn’t really working out, and so it has evolved to Rag House Radio and RagMag magazine which supports and promotes women in the sports and entertainment industry. 


     My radio segment is the only one with an all women crew and all of our guests are from music, sports and entertainment. It’s all about empowering, encouraging and promoting. A lot of times our guests come in, such as musical artists, and they are touring and stopping through-they have a big show coming up that they want to promote, or they just finished an album-anything and everything. For instance, tonight we have Teri Tobin-she is an R & B soul singer from Arizona and she is driving through because she has two shows in Beverly Hills, so tonight she will be on the show.

     I always wanted to do music, so I went to the Musician’s Institute for the Music Business Program and graduated in 2010. I was one of the oldest college students. I knew I had to start from the bottom and go up when I graduated, so I applied for an usher position in the Irvine Amphitheater for Live Nation, and our interview went so well, that they created a position for me and I supervised 30 in house Live Nation employees during shows. I then got promoted to The Wiltern in Los Angeles and worked downtown as an assistant to the two house managers. At that time I was living in the Inland Empire which is a far drive and I have a son, so the driving back and forth was too much. I needed to do something else. Throughout my whole process of trying to get my career going, I realized a lot of women I was networking with were nice and very cool-but no one was really supportive-not because they didn’t choose to be supportive, but because they had worked so hard for their position, and it was very competitive-so I didn’t blame them for that; I just saw that there was this sisterhood that needed to happen-so I created my own…Rag House Media. 

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