Week One-Nevada and Idaho


I got asked recently by one of the papers where I was playing in a small town in Montana; “your tour schedule is grueling-why do you do it?” Starting this journey was way more stressful than normal, but as my boyfriend likes to say, “anyone can play under the best circumstances….” About a month before I was to embark on a 16 date, 3 week, 10 state tour, I had to move, and because I was going to be gone most of the summer, for this tour and some other summer gigs-I didn’t want to pay for housing in Los Angeles while I am gone, where it is really expensive…so that meant putting all my belongings in storage, while trying to figure out what I need to bring with me while staying at different homes…I was also finishing up my day job for the year and working a lot of hours before I left, plus a bunch of other stuff….it was very stressful and then I got SICK! Really sick-but no time to visit the doctor before I went, so on Memorial Day, I embarked for my first tour date, a really old historic town called Gold Hill, Nevada next to the more well known Virginia City. I would be staying and playing in THE oldest hotel in Nevada, the Gold Hill Hotel, and it was an unexpected last minute gig, so I was excited to get it since it would pay for my hotel and travel expenses…they were also giving me free dinner and drinks which was nice. The owner was super friendly online, and halfway through my performance for a few leftover tourists, he came and introduced himself and paid me and everything seemed cool….

After my show a group of tourists asked me to sit down with them so I don’t have to eat alone and we were having a great time when the owner who hired me came over and sat next to me. He put his hand on my leg several times while I was in mid conversation with my new friends and I decided to get up and call it a night. I started to put my equipment away when the tourists got up to leave. There were some employees cleaning up in the back but it was just me and the jerk. I was crouched down putting some stuff away when he drunkenly hunched over me, put his arms completely around me and grabbed at my chest-I stood up quickly…one of the tourists came back in just then and started to talk to him…I was staying at the hotel and there were no other places in town to stay-I had also driven 7 hours and was sick-I felt it best not to make a scene and literally threw my equipment in a bag and went to my room and double locked the door…..I was proud that I had been on a 5 year no groping streak, so it was really eye opening. Guess the #metoo movement has not hit those desolate parts of Nevada yet…

So back to the question of why I do this which I ask myself often…besides the fact that I have to make a living and it allows me to do that, I simply love singing and playing. I also love travel, and from Nevada, I was on my way to see my family in Idaho and do several gigs there…


Once at my parents house-I got REAL sick. I had three days off which was nice, and figured I would get better, but I never did. I had been sick now for almost two weeks. I rested and took my cough medicine, but come Friday morning I was feeling terrible and had a three hour gig that night…with little options in those parts, my mom and sister took me to a remote clinic where I found out I had a sinus infection plus bronchitis; and antibiotics may not help and it. It also might be 6 weeks before I felt better; but at this point, I had to just hope for the best-I had a lot of gigs ahead of me…Perhaps it was a placebo effect, but I felt better with the first pill and played for several hours at a real saloon called Miss Lily’s Gold Rush Saloon, where someone put a $50 bill in my guitar case!

Exploring the remote parts of Idaho was really fun-again, I love traveling and learning by doing and seeing first hand…


The next morning I had a gig at a really cool Farmers Market in Moscow, Id where my sister lives. It’s the third year in a row that I have done it, and this year I sold twice as many cd’s as last! Then I had another two hour gig in the evening, and by that time, I thought I might keel over…..This whole time, my family had been taking care of me and watching over me which was really nice; with my illness and being a spacey aquarian artist, I have a hard time keeping track of my stuff. I actually forgot my amp at a gig and luckily my family was able to get it for me, and my sister made me a checklist to try and help me remember everything….


It’s really hard on the road, but I am having a ton of fun adventures which I will be telling you about in my next blog soon!! Check out this video with a few highlights….

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