Week Two: Montana and Wyoming


After my bad experience in Nevada, and my illness and my challenging show schedule in Idaho, I was off to one of my favorite places: Montana. Last year on tour was the first time I went to Montana and though I didn’t love every place, I had a great time and it was so beautiful…This year I got a gig at a new place: Philipsburg, a small town with a quaint walking street. I got a really cute air bnb that had the most amazing view….


I got to my gig just in time, and still wasn’t feeling all the great. I had only been on antibiotics for a couple days and was not sure if they were working. I was playing outdoors at a beautiful brewery-The Philipsburg Brewery, with a really picturesque space and great stage and sound system. People came and sat on chairs and brought food and was really relaxing and friendly. I right away met the nicest man, musician Edwin Johnson, who offered to help me set up and gave me a lot of tips on places to play in the future. He took this pic of my show…


Four people came to see me after reading a local article about my show and they were very attentive and encouraging. I got to talk with them for awhile and then they invited me to their bed and breakfast where they had a restaurant and made me a gourmet meal! It really lifted my spirits. We talked travel, politics and so much more….I love interacting with people on tour and sometimes meet the nicest folks…If you every get to Philipsburg, Montana, you HAVE to check out the Camp Creek Homefire Grill where they also have rooms to rent upstairs….here’s to the kindness of strangers….

I also got to visit a real ghost town right on the outskirts of Philipsburg. It was an old mining town, and a lot of the buildings were still intact. Some of the buildings were moved from this ghost town to where the city center is now…I was the only person there…


After Philipsburg I headed to Bozeman, Montana-a favorite place I discovered from last year…I had a disappointing gig at a cider house that really put me down after having such as amazing time in Philipsburg, but I got over it by visiting the Bozeman Hot Springs! The next day, I went to my favorite eatery, the Coffee Pot Bakery Cafe, where they have the most amazing homemade soup which was just as good as last year, and they make their own pottery. I also visited the Gallatin River which was super high, and took some pics of the amazing old barns that are spread out over the fields….


I went the next day which I had off, to the neighboring town of Livingston, Montana. I stayed at a historic hotel from the early 1900’s called The Grabow Inn and had to haul all my equipment up three flights of stairs. I couldn’t believe how depleted I was from my illness and how many gigs I already did. It was so nice to have the day off…


Touring has really gotten me out of my box. I have always been hesitant to interact with strangers as I grew up in a very private family, but I have discovered that I am actually a pretty social person that has an introverted side….traveling can really open up a lot of hidden stuff-being in different surroundings and the long driving times where you are deep in thought…


I was then off to Wyoming for a drive and a gig without any hangout time. I played at this fancy distillery called The Backwards Distilling Company where I played at last year with the most divine drinks…


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