Inspiring Talks-Mason Summit

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October 20th-Mason Summit

Born into a family of actors, musicians, & writers, 22-year-old Mason Summit has been making music for as long as he can remember. As a young child, he cut his teeth performing Johnny Cash covers at local coffee shops, accompanied by his father, the late Christopher Allport, whose sudden death in 2008 led Summit to songwriting. Inspired by multifaceted artists such as Buddy Holly, Brian Wilson, Elliott Smith & Jon Brion, Summit began producing his own material early on. To date, he has independently released four self-produced albums of original songs: Absentee (2012), Loud Music & Soft Drinks (2014), Gunpowder Tracks (2016), & this year’s Summer Cold, each of which has received critical acclaim from publications including revered alt-country authority No Depression. Summit has been lucky enough to perform his music at many renowned hometown venues, including Hotel Cafe, the Satellite, Silverlake Lounge, Genghis Cohen, Room 5 & the House of Blues. An ardent supporter of progressive social movements, Mason has also participated in events for Free Arts for Abused Children, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the Autism Think Tank, & Everytown.


Inspring Talks-Non-Duo

Inspiring Talks is a new livestream happening every Sunday at 11 a.m.! Tune in at our FACEBOOK page!


October 13th: Marina Gutman & Paul McCarty-”Non-Duo

Paul is from New Orleans (the swamp of the south) and Marina is from Moldova (the swamp of Europe). Their musical influences -- gypsy/russian and cajun/rock -- mix into an eclectic stew of styles. Their life stories and world views mix into a wild, poetic, non-dualistic brew of lyrics. Genres vary from bluegrass to ballads to folk to rock to who-knows-what-that-is. But always a different and memorable melody with haunting vocal harmonies. Cliches are shunned. Each song allowed to explore its own world.

Paul McCarty sings and plays guitar and harmonica. He was raised in a musical family in New Orleans. Son of a composer/music professor and a singer/voice teacher, he became a music composition major at Loyola University of New Orleans and has written some scores for independent films and other productions.

More recently, Paul was frontman and the main songwriter for Wicked Saints, which recorded two albums, played around Los Angeles and toured some up the West Coast.

Paul's been a spiritual agnostic since his high-school days (prior to that, a Catholic altar-boy). More recently he's been practicing yoga, including some meditation and kundalini. But since meeting Marina, he's been opening up to non-dual awareness. He enjoys brussel sprouts and chocolate, but not together.

Marina Gutman is a singer and novelist, who writes her own songs.  Her musical education and aspirations came from her grandmother. She has been writing fiction and non-fiction since college. You can find her writing on

She was born and raised in Moldova, a small eastern European country, and came to America at the age of eleven.

Though her creative endeavors are influenced by her eastern European roots and American upbringing, she attributes her creativity to the Source of all creativity, and lives the philosophy of the beloved teacher Eckhart Tolle: “I am awareness, disguised as a person.” After a decade of self-inquiry and non-dual practices that have dismantled the main knot of “suffering,” she also does presence healing. For more information, go to her website.


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Inspiring Talks-Paul Inman's Delivery

Inspiring Talks is a new livestream happening every Sunday at 11 a.m.! Tune in at our FACEBOOK page!



Paul Inman's Delivery is comprised of singer-songwriter-guitarist/keyboard player/harmonica player and renegade avid poet/artist Paul Inman and a rotating cast of supporting musical compatriots. Raised near Detroit Michigan, Inman digested much from that locale's sonic landscape before emigrating to Los Angeles where he absorbed the Americana/folk stylings of California's most compelling artists (The Band, Tom Waits, The Hearbreakers, The Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Blood on The Tracks/Desire era Dylan, Van Morrison's Hard Nose the Highway), blending them into a compelling Gothic-tinged folk/pop/rock delivery. Touring both as a trio and as a solo acoustic guitar and piano act, Paul Inman's Delivery have released 4 full-length CD's of deftly performed gothic-tinged americana infused with folk and pop. Their latest, Songs Of The Broken Earth, further expands their sonic palette to incorporate blues and electronic stylings, while remaining embedded in the americana and roots rock genre. They tour intermittently both in the U.S. and in Europe while continuing to record new material. They have shared stages with the likes of Marc Olsen and Victoria Williams (Creek Dippers), Gram Rabbit, Lucinda Williams, and The Jayhawks. They are looking to release a new CD later this year...


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