Exene Cervenka-Punk Rock Collage

photo by Cynthia Brando 

photo by Cynthia Brando 


As the lead singer of the punk rock band X-Exene Cervenka has tales to tell of the bands long running status as punk rock legends. These stories-personal and beyond, are executed in her art journals, where Exene spent time during tours collecting street items and making abstract journals during her long days on the road.

“It’s Over
Marriage Mirage
 Diet of                                        
A God Lord
Backwards Masking
Switchback Go
Cover to Cover”---Excerpt from one of Exene's journals. 

They were exhibited, along with other works, at the Sloan Projects Gallery in Santa Monica during this past summer in an exhibition titled, "The Dust of Sunlight." The exhibit is mostly journals, and "journal like" abstract stand alone works,  but also features "anatomy" like collages of fish, humans and aliens. "The three anatomy book creatures are the only ones in the series. I also want to make a "man and machine" series."

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