Welcome! Issue #2-Winter 2016


                                                Cynthia Brando

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                               So Many Changes!


Music Emerging launched it's very first issue in the summer of last year...so much has happened to this editor-in-chief...it's the long days of winter, and the magazine has been on a little hiatus as I navigated a lot of changes in my life since the first issue. Writing a magazine is hard work! There are so many components, and only one me! The interviews, the photographs, the articles-putting it all together while working a full time job and pursuing a music career! I also suffer from wanting everything to be perfect. For this issue, I had extremely high expectations to expand this issue that I just couldn't meet as one person; so I decided to just put it out there and move forward, because I am already working on the third issue, and I really do like providing this magazine to you readers. I have gotten some really wonderful feedback from many...I just wanted to write a little note saying that I appreciate the interest in Music Emerging, and I'm excited to get this second issue out, which I started working on over the summer! But better late than never...

I've got some great stuff for this issue...some of which will bring nice nostalgic thoughts about a warm summer gone...A little on the Topanga Canyon music scene, with a great interview with artist and Topanga resident, Chloe Trujillo and much much more...

Music Emerging has also started a concert series! I'm excited to announce the first show on February 27 with artist Katie Ferrara. You can check out the series right here on our website: CONCERT SERIES


A Small Town with a Big

Musical History


Summertime in Topanga:

Two Iconic Music Festivals


Chloe Trujillo:

Gypsy of the Canyon



Excene Cervenka:

Punk Rock Collage


Mary Ellen Clark:

Music Through the Hand of an Artist


Save the Fishes:

Cords of Gold


The Perils of Being a Songwriter:

A Simple Wish


Around L.A.:

Pics from the Music Scene