Daily Om is a site that has many great general emotional resources in the form of daily blog posts and affordable online courses in the self care arena. Sign up and get an email daily with a short blog post on emotional issues that will often relate to your music career. 


Chandra Lynn is a health and wellness blogger, coach and marketing entrepreneur. Her site, "Glow Living," has general emotional support blogs, self care products and a series called "Lessons Learned", where she interviews people about their journeys and the lessons they have learned. "Lessons Learned" is predominantly music industry professionals as Chandra's background is in the music industry.  


Gordana Biernet is a writer and inspirational speaker who talks about "Perception of Reality, Consciousness, Creativity, Leadership and Art". Her site and blog,  My Powertalk, gives you short passages that boost your confidence and your sense of self. She is very active on Twitter where you can get an even more concise version of what she speaks about in her blog.